Welcome to the website for Rosedale Park Phase Five, a residential estate on the Northern outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland. Maintenance of the estate is managed by a residents association, with committee members elected from the members of the association.

The estate comprises 230 dwellings of different types, covering an area of approx 8 acres or 3.2 hectares and is referred to as a “green belt estate”.

This includes the following properties:

  • 164-291 Broughton Road inclusive, postcodes G23 5DX, G23 5LP, G23 5DX, G23 5BP, G23 5JH
  • Dunsyre Place G23 5EB
  • Lynne Drive G23 5AX
  • Crossford Drive G23 5JT
  • Broughton Drive G23 5JZ
  • Brigham Place G23 5JJ

The Office Bearers for the Committee are:

  • Allan Ramsay – Chairman
  • Robert Stevenson – Treasurer/Secretary
  • Muriel Forbes – Committee Member

Technical Assistance / Website management:

  • Gordon Kibble

The Association’s financial year is January to December. Currently Fees are £10 per month, payable digitally or by cheque (payable to “RPRAPV”), or alternatively residents can make arrangements to pay by cash. Currently we do not take payment by card.

The Residents Association are not property factors. Although there are flats on the estate, the fees are purely for land maintenance, and not building maintenance. Responsibility for property issues remains with the residents of the flats.

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